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Lystra Podiatry is conveniently located in the well known Schwarz Family Practice, in the heart of Elderslie. Lystra Podiatry’s convenient position in the Schwarz Family practice makes it convenient for patients to address all their medical needs in one convenient location.
Our Podiatrists are trained at the highest level to accurately diagnose, treat and deal with all podiatry related concerns. We maintain high levels of treatment and ensure we have a superior level of patient satisfaction by regularly undergoing upto date Podiatry education and always ensuring we are using the most advanced devices and treatment methods with all our patients. Our prime location embedded in such a reputable Medical centre ensures we work tightly with our General Practitioners , nurses , pathologists and pharmacist to ensure we provide the most optimal and efficient outcome for each and every patient.
Our Podiatrists are highly active individuals which understand the fundamental use of the foot. As a result when treating any sporting injuries we are well aware of the issues an athlete suffers from being absent from consistent training and can sympathise and ensure we address the problem in the most proficient and swift manner, as we understand the pain athletes go through not being able to compete to the best of their ability.


Trading hours 8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday
Schwarz Family Practice
37 Hilder St, Elderslie, NSW 2570
p: (02) 4658 2188
e: info@lystra.com.au

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